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It is really not surprising that most of the comments here are made by accounts created in last 24 hours - jamorton74, sicaca, Nolagirl226, frappe, aali1, ccmoberg, danmpark, asmith32, yaakov45. I have no proof but there are enough reasons to believe they are profiles of same person promoting his/her post and they have nothing constructive to say other than "I like this idea", "Great site", etc. They could have just up-voted it.

As far as the website is concerned I fully support the initiative and I really hope it takes of well. In November last year I was providing free technical consultancy to a similar startup because I really wanted to support this idea. I won't name it because I don't want to promote it in someone else's post.

You need to find a decent designer to redesign your website so that it renders properly. Right now I can see problem with your grid and rendering. You are using bootstrap but your navbar and content aren't in same column. You can correct it by using container/container-fluid properly in both navbar and content. What is that gray box at the bottom? Is it supposed to be a footer?

This is how it looks on chrome/ubuntu :


On registration page file upload isn't rendering properly on firefox/ubuntu. Also, is this site only for US citizens?


Is that what the green highlighted usernames represent-- new users?

Yes but sometimes HN doesn't highlight new users. For example, Nolagirl226 was created 7 hours ago but it is not highlighted.

Thank you for your feedback. Like I said in the post, we created this website in 54 hours, so obviously it is not perfect yet. In regards to the influx of new users, they are likely friends of mine that I sent to the post so they could check it out. These are people who probably have never come to the site before. Either way I'm happy that more women are signing up.

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