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What do you use all that space for on a phone? My Android phone (HTC Evo 4G) has 512MB internal storage and the Android version it runs doesn't support moving most apps and their data to an SD card. I still have all the apps I want. I still listen to my entire multi-gigabyte music collection... by streaming it through Amazon MP3 for free. Everything's streaming or in the cloud these days. You don't need to carry duplicate copies in your pocket.

I ordered a Nexus 4 8GB.

The problem with cloud access is that you need to have a reliable Internet connection to benefit from it.

I live in a 3rd-world country where 3G connections are either expensive or unreliable. Also, we don't have access to all the excellent streaming sites like Spotify or Hulu.

So yes, I need all that space for my music collection :)

Where do you live? For those of us that travel underground to and from work every day (i.e., the subway) having music accessible offline is pretty essential.

I am somewhat obsessed with music, and these days, 16 gigabytes isn't really that much. Yes, you can stream it with spotify and google play, but that always fails when you least want it to. I wouldn't buy a phone these days with less than 64 gigabytes.

I realize I'm also somewhat unusual in this respect.

> What do you use all that space for on a phone

You'd be surprised. Many games, these days, can take up to 1GB for program and data files. My iPhone 4 with 16GB was so maxed out, it'd often refuse to upgrade more than one app at a time because of insufficient space.

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