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Hello my name is Uros and I am the founder of the project you are discussing. I'm very happy to see that you are all curious about the project and I understand and perhaps even share some of your concerns. However being part of the project from the very start untill now, I can assure you this is actually a perfect example of a Kickstarter project and I mean morally AND technically... Please read the below I posted on our Kickstarter page after following your blog.

Best regards to all, Uros ( FOUNDER )

A word on the project:

The Boomerang has been so far funded entirely out of 2 main sources:

- the amazing selfless support of friends who are professionals (in fields of design, mechanics, video production, etc.) or other professionals we met along the way that simply believed this could be a big thing some day. Together we invested a total of about 3700 working hours (of 40 individuals) from the start till now. (many of them are in the team shot in the end of the video… some couldn’t make it that day unfortunately ☹ )

- the rest was the founder’s more or less entire life’s savings + extra money from 2 friends and family who blindly belive in the product and the team

We are extremly happy to have come this far , however we are at the point where our belief alone cannot fund this project anymore. We have come to Kickstarter to prove to ourselves and convince others that this product really needs to exist. Of course, if we only reach the $40k goal , the earnings would cover only a fraction of the costs we already put it. But we have come far enough that we know the $40k will certainly cover the costs of fulfilling the rewards, it will boost our belief that we are doing the right thing and hopefully bring new investors in. We saw no reason of setting the goal higher and risking the project never getting funded at all. It would disappoint a lot of backers not to mention ourselves. … But luckily your support has been amazing so far an if we only continue at this pace we will exceed the goal more than two or three-fold

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