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charleshaanel 522 days ago | link | parent

Congrats on your taking action. It puts you ahead of 90% of the people who read and don't execute.

A few questions....

*Is your project for fun or for profit?

If the latter, what pain does it alleviate, whom is it targeted towards and before you created it, was there any indication they wanted a solution strong enough to pay someone for the answer

(to elucidate, skip to 1:03 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9m9vPAlb_0&feature=relat... )

gbog 522 days ago | link

> for fun or for profit?

It occurred to me that not only there are many other reasons to write code, but also that the two reasons you mention are of the weakest sort.


charleshaanel 522 days ago | link

That's because you're not an entrepreneur - fair enough. A person who wants to build a sustainable business however, has to solve urgent problems and generate profits for stakeholders (not relevant if you're a socialist).

Did you watch the PG vid?


cubicle67 522 days ago | link

Poe's Law is strong with your two comments here.


charliesome 522 days ago | link



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