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$2500/mo for the max package?

Yeah, that's for 40+ users.

are there serious customers who choose this plan over eg. tableau server? I just don't see the justification for $25,000/yr as your software is quite basic in terms of functionality. I mean seriously, what would you say your strength over other competitors?

I just signed up and plan on testing this out over the next month or so. The price is not really an issue if it suits my needs. $25k/year is peanuts compared to a team of report writers I would have to hire, train, and manage to meet one of my client's growing BI needs.

$25k is not expensive at all for anyone doing serious analytics. I haven't looked at Tableau for awhile but I thought it was windows only?

same here. so long as there are some easy entry price points $25k is a no-brainer for hassle-free 'makes me look good to my boss' software

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