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"I'm not sure if your point is that Occupy is unneeded because churches already fill that role for some people, or if it is that it's surprising that folks at HN (who are predominantly non-believers) would be involved in something 'church-like', or if you're simply pointing out the similarity."

I was pointing out that our community changes because "we", and by that I mean the people living in the community, go outside and change it. Spectating, and commenting loudly about how screwed up things are never changes anything.

I think it is wonderful that the Occupy efforts are helping to teach people this very important truth. This teaching, which has nothing to do with gods or mythology, is something that has gotten lost with people who have never been part of a Church community service group. I literally brought tears to my eyes to see folks in the New Jersey shore suddenly get this bomb this goes off in their head that there is no "government" or "them" who know what you need and how to fix it, there is just "us." And suddenly they become catalysts for huge groups of people who want to help but don't know what needs helping with. The CBS news story of the sisters who lived there dispatching volunteers with tasks because they knew the people, they had found out the things needed doing, and provided just enough guidance to let people do what they wanted to do, help.

I've found you can tell people that but they don't always believe it, they will say "Oh right, if I go out and start painting this three mile long sound-wall which is a blight because its covered in graffiti like anyone is going to help with that." And then they start painting and people just show up and start painting with them. It is easier for folks who believe in God because they just assume God will help them out, its much harder for folks who don't have faith. Occupy lets people experience for themselves the raw power of community action. That is a good thing.

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