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Oh my god. That website has javascript that adds and removes a pipe "|" to the end of the page title, and it looks like a blinking caret for text input.

My OCD is going insane.

The effect would be a lot nicer if it stopped when the tab lost focus. I would prefer not doing it at all, but my tastes are not everyone's.

Just fixed it to use the page visibility API to do just that. Thanks for the idea!

Looks like it only alternates between the two states (flashing and not flashing), so if the page is opened as a new tab (i.e. not focused to begin with) then the flashing occurs when the tab is not focused.

Yup good call, the first call to the interval shouldn't assume focus

If I place it as an application tab in Firefox (16), it will highlight the tab because it assumes the content has changed... it doesn't happen always, though.

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