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I'm interested in this particular thing:

Twitter handle was registered, but had never tweeted and looked abandoned. I contacted a friend who works at Twitter and after a bit of investigation was able to get @learndot as well

Is this something that's easy to do? Can it be done if you don't know anyone inside Twitter? I had to settle for something like @myappnameapp instead of @myappname because the username was already taken but had never been used. I'd be interested to learn what are the Twitter policies regarding this.

The way to do this (I've heard) if you do not know anyone at Twitter is to buy a lot of ads then ask your sales rep to see if they can help.

That's certainly one way to get to know somebody who works at Twitter.

I had to do this sans connections, and found their form worked pretty well.

In my case I had a stronger claim - the company I was with (@ShirlawsUK) had registered the handle originally, but handed it over to an ex-staffer who had changed the password, never used it, and left several years prior (so email mailbox was long dead). Took about 48 hours from memory, and the account was ours again.

hi we are trying to get an account rather urgently that registered in 2011 but never used.

can someone on this forum perhaps help me? contact me at karen.denny@quirk.biz

thanks karen

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