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This was my first thought exactly. They went from a name that was difficult for people to spell/pronounce correctly to one that is confusing in the context of the web. I'm not sure which is worse to be honest. After hearing the new name verbally people may either; type in "learn." into Google which I doubt they will be the first result, or be left waiting for the "com" part and still not have the right idea.

Same thoughts here on the web context of dot spelled out. However, that is an easier hurdle to overcome than the difficult pronunciation/spelling of your former name, as long as you write it as "Learndot" instead of "Learn." Once people learn the d-o-t the first time (no pun intended), they shouldn't have trouble with it going forward.

We went through similar issues in our rebranding, with both a dot and pronounceability (D.NEA). In our case, the '.' is not spelled out, and the domain works with or without it (d.neadiamonds.com). Being primarily internet based, most people don't need to pronounce it, they just follow a link or search for the name. If we talk to them, they'll hear us say it when answering the phone, but we aren't too concerned with how people pronounce it. After five years of using this name, most people get it close enough.

Learndot looks to be an overall better name than Matygo.

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