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1922: heroin

1932: alchohol

1942: nicotine

1952: amphetamines

1962: marijuana

1972: acid

1982: crack cocaine

1992: crystal meth

2002: X

2012: smartphones

So now capitalism itself is the opium of the people?

Given my fascination with things dopamineagenic and their interplay in modern consumer commerce, that is a very insightful observation.

Note that Marx's version is usually given as "the opiate of the masses", but still.

Not really that insightful... [0]


Why are smartphones capitalism and not drugs. If anything drugs prove the workings of makets better then smartphones. The drugs market shows that markets work even in a state of anarchy.

You should throw HN somewhere on there as well. ;)

You forgot 'Tickle me Elmo' back in 2008.

tickle me elmo was a craze in 1996

And Tickle me Elmo on fire was 2006. youtube.com/watch?v=xLaHpl7CmRU

2002: Internet? :)

I think he was referring to MDMA when he said "X"

Ah, makes sense.

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