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> There is no chance in hell Facebook will allow every "Liked" product, service and company to spam the users' newsfeed as much as they want

Except that's exactly what they've done for years now. The real problem is that Facebook didn't limit this from the beginning, because now companies are going to complain. I removed all my "likes" several years ago for that reason.

Facebook likes to push out extreme changes and then walk them back to what people actually want. This is the opposite of the right way to do it.

That's usually how it works with commons - everybody can use it until someone starts to screw it up.

Facebook originally allowed this because it enticed both user and content engagement. Now, Facebook needs to reel it back in to preserve whatever value is left of it's activity feed - before it becomes the next useless myspace.

What FB should have done is let users control what is in their feed - give them options to define groups of people and let them view just certain groups in the feed, or split the concepts of liking and following. Instead it seems Facebook is happy to spam users for you if you'll pay for the privilege. Not really good for anyone involved, and not worth it for businesses long term to pay only to be perceived as unwanted spam amongst personal posts.

Facebook does have groups. But yes, what Facebook did was a bait-and-switch: there were likes, which were just biographical information, but then those turned into subscriptions.

I don't see how allowing things I've "liked" to send me messages was ever enticing to the user. Originally a "like" was just a thing your friends could see, it didn't mean "subscribe me to this marketing channel".

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