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Oddly enough, this post has the same air of self-importance most people on the show exhibit.

I keep seeing these blogs that have two things in common: They look identical and the content tends to positively reek of the stereotyped self-important Valley attitude.

Out of curiosity, I clicked the "SVBTLE" link at the bottom of this one:

  Svbtle is an invite-only network of people who strive to
  produce great content.
Ah ha! Granted, this could only speak to the intersection of this website's users' interests and those blogs' topics.

I agree - too much drama. I've been doing startups in Silicon Valley for awhile. Silicon Valley has its ups and down, with much in common to the 'normal' world. If you're contemplating suicide, or losing yourself in the glory of your work, you're doing it wrong.

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