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Just got the email:

Dear Fogger,

It is with a heavy heart that I let you know that the PHP Fog service will be discontinued in December in favor of AppFog, which is PHP Fog 2.0. I am incredibly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Creating PHP Fog has been an amazing experience for us and it could not have happened without you––thank you for your support. With your help, we’ve built an amazing PaaS for PHP developers. And along the way, we’ve applied what we’ve learned to creating our new product, AppFog.

AppFog is the future of our business, and we very strongly believe it is also the future of PaaS. So, in order to focus our team and efforts on continuing to build a better solution for developers, we will be shutting down the PHP Fog platform this coming January and focusing solely on AppFog.

We have considered this change very, very carefully because we understand that this could present challenges for some of our users. But in the end, we are confident that moving to AppFog will give you additional flexibility, additional languages, additional infrastructures, and the ability to deploy your apps to private cloud infrastructure as well as leverage the strengths of the OpenStack and Cloud Foundry ecosystems.

To help in the migration, we will do be doing everything we can to help this be as easy and painless as possible: 2GB of RAM in our Free Plan We will be releasing a series of blog posts that walk you through the migration to AppFog. We will also be publishing documentation of the migration path as well as solutions for some of the edge-case differences between the platforms. To start with, we have created a migration FAQ that should help you begin the migration process.

I am committed to making AppFog a product that will make you look back at PHP Fog and think, “I’m really happy I switched.”

Here's it is as markdown, with the bullets preserved:


The subject "Urgent News about PHP Fog" rubbed me the wrong way. I think "PHP Fog is Shutting Down" would have been better.

Same here.

PHP Fog had its share of problems, but AppFog doesn't support Git.

Purely informative but it seems you can add commit hooks to your version control to connect to theirs: http://blog.appfog.com/553/

Seems pretty stupid to drop support of git in favor of their own product.

I only used them for development but at least I never had to worry about the application server and the git workflow worked perfectly. Didn't use their shared database, which didn't support stored procedures etc, but it was easy to connect RDS. They came out with their own "dedicated DB" product but it was just RDS with a 100% markup and no other advantage. Not that I blame them for trying to monetize since it sounds like it they weren't making money off the basic stuff.

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