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would this be an indicator for any future trends in contract subsidized phones vs others?

It may be an indicator that the iPhone lifetime is now exceeding 2 years, and rather than being desperate to get the next Apple iDevice, people are instead casting around for cheaper cell-plans and thinking about moving to Android.

You're extrapolating all that from a phone that is manufactured in small quantities and subsidized to the point that it's basically an off-contract phone for an on-contract price selling out?

I don't want or need the thing and I'm thinking about buying it. It undercuts every high end off contract Android phone on the market by about $100-200 while also boasting a much better design and spec sheet.

This is basically a fire-sale at launch. It sold out because it's decent and market-disruptingly (some would argue dangerously) cheap.

This just happen to be how the latest Android toy is sold. And probably has little to do with the cost of data plan or subsidy in general.

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