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The Google store was extremely slow during this period. I tried to initiate a purchase around 5 minutes after they became available, but 95% of my clicks resulted in errors, and when it finally went through, the Wallet info collector hung for another 5 minutes. When that finally went through, my cart had had the phone removed from it, and they were once again out of stock.

So the 50 minutes is probably somewhat inflated. Had the store kept pace it probably would've been more like 10 minutes.

I had the same experience. The 16 GB went first, then the 8GB about 20 - 30 minutes afterwards.

I expect LG will be able to make more, but this is a standout phone.

In my case, my Nexus 7 basically opened the horizon up for me, as far as moving from my iPhone 4S. The fact that T-Mobile hasn't yet marshalled many towers to support 3G on the iPhone 4/4S makes the switch to a pentaband phone a real plus as far as utility is concerned. Edge works, just, but really sucks every day.

This is surprising. Not that it sold out after 10 minutes, but that Google didn't handle the load well.

I wonder why - surely they expected this (if nothing else, given the performance of the phone in other markets).

This happens every time google sells something directly, just like Google I/O tickets for the last few years.

Same thing happened to me, except when Wallet hung it apparently processed my order. I'm glad I checked twice since I had two orders (Nexus 10, not Nexus 4 - Had no chance of getting that guy).

Had the same issue with the same device. I received a notification from my credit card vendor for a large purchase for the first one, but wallet service hung up and wasn't even waiting for a response anymore, and the items weren't removed my cart so I made a second purchase, which showed up immediately in my orders. Half hour later I received two receipts, and a second showed up in my orders screen.

So, heads up if anyone made a similar mistake :) It's easy enough to cancel the order if you need to.

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