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Explain please.

I didn't want Netflix service, though since I was gifted a month I thought I'd try it. Had to put my credit card details in for a free month I was gifted. First had to signup for the free trial month, putting in my credit card at that point. The gift month wasn't added. After 2 or 3 phone calls to Netflix support, and over an hour later the second month was added.

I had asked and was promised that I would be getting an email letting me know 1 week before that the renewal period was approaching. No email ever came of course.

Might seem small, but doing these kinds of tactics on a large scale, with tens of millions of users - they know the recurring rate will be higher, and many people will keep getting billed without remembering or realizing, even if it's for 3+ months. It's dishonest.

There are other minute details I've not written out because I don't care to put the energy into it.

That's not marketing. That's poor customer service.

Seriously. I don't even work for Netflix yet I feel embarrassed that everyone here is trashing them for being generous with their code in a creative way.

Thank you Netflix for releasing core components that would take a lot of my team's resources to replicate!

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