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Have a look at http://www.coworfing.com, saw some cool public places with wifi around me.

I'm cofounder of Coworfing, thanks for mentioning us. We're still under development but working hard to provide you the best service. The best comment I found on the topic is over here: http://happymonster.co/2012/11/13/what-loosecubes-shutdown-m... and especially this paragraph "Because for LooseCubes, it was never about the physical features of the facilities. All that stuff is irrelevant now. The name of the game in the workspace sharing world is the people you have a chance to meet. Nobody ever said they loved coworking because they got to sit in a fancy chair. LooseCubes got that better than most, and was putting that first and foremost in the direction they took." We respected and watched closely Loosecubes because they put a real focus on being social, while most of the other players are only directories. Loosecubes understood that the purpose of the tool is to help people share their workplaces. It's more about coworkers than listings of coworking spaces.

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