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No it's called LinkedIn.

And while valuable in it's own right has no where near the engagement numbers of Facebook.

I don't think LinkedIn is good for this at all. I see things like earnings press releases on LinkedIn, or "XYZ, Inc. invents new 2nm transistor that won't be around for 300 years." on LinkedIn. LinkedIn presents itself as a social network for professionals, and I think they cover that quite well.

Twitter doesn't quite fit nsns's description as a 'Companies Only' social network, as much of it is social. I don't necessarily know that anyone would willingly sign up for a companies only social network, despite what companies may dream and pray for :-)

On the surface it may seem similar, but are actually quite different:

LinkedIn is mostly about connecting professionals to each other and companies

Facebook (in a business context), is mostly about connecting brands with consumers.

Consumers are not professionals, although the underlying people that participate in those roles may largely overlap (if you think about it as a Venn diagram)

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