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He makes fair points. Though the one thing that really grinds my gears about Facebook (and I will state it so that Facebookers can consider the issue) is that I cannot use their Open Graph API to build FB apps without being an active member of the network. Being an active FB member requires me to give them my mobile number, an spend a questionable amount of time using it. Time better spent working. I wish I could just pay them a developers fee ($50/year ? ), and have my own little dev account with no other feature other than being able to use the API.

> "Being an active FB member requires me to give them my mobile number"

That is not true. I have a Facebook and no where have I ever been required to give my mobile number. I think you only need an email (and I think, it doesn't even necessarily have to be valid) to create an account.

> "...spend a questionable amount of time"

I created a test account for an app I'm working on (the other month) in less than 5 minutes, give or take. For an app you are building with their API, 5 minutes of time and getting to use it for free is the same as "($50/year)" as you mentioned? That seems a bit exaggerated to me.

But what kind of apps do you want to make on Facebook if you don't use Facebook yourself? How do you plan to test it, or even make sure if it fits the ecosystem?

The developer account should allow me to test for that.

I wish you could pay for a developer account just so they will bother to manage their bug tracking system.

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