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For the ubernerd, we have this too: https://github.com/netflix

for what it's worth, 3 of the 9 top level comments are distaste for the layout. i realize you'll be hard pressed to create a landing page that satisfies everybody, but this is a pretty textbook poor experience. very concretely: the only content that's actually surfaced (repository name and movie poster) is useless.

i won't give any advice here. i'm sure netflix has a more informed design and experience team than HN. my only intent in responding was hoping to bring to light the severity of the issue: why make a custom landing page at all if you're going to redirect half the audience to something more functional?

edit: upon refresh, the page refuses to load and it can't get the data from the Github API. none of the repositories are listed under "our repositories", and the console error is Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'forEach' commits.js:50. this looks to be because the Github API is not returning any repositories, and instead returns this error: "message": "API Rate Limit Exceeded for [my client IP]"

edit 2: also, depending on window browser size, there are other javascript errors. i can't tell if these actually manifest problematically since the first issue is already preventing any content from loading: Error: Invalid negative value for <rect> attribute height="-33" netflix.github.com:274

We were getting throttled by Github. We're now caching the content and this shouldn't happen anymore.

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