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As someone who has done a lot of background research into Kickstarter campaigns I think it is important to realize the difference between the idea of Kickstarter and the reality of the site as it exists now. Sure, you can still fund your $10k idea through Kickstarter, but it is going to be incredibly difficult to make a profit off of something like that for the average first time entrepreneur/maker. The internet is filled with stories of people who raised tens (if not hundred) of thousands of dollars on Kickstarter only to fail to bring their project to fruition. On the other hand, you have things like the YC and haxlr8r backed startups who have a large amount of capital to back their efforts up. There the money from Kickstarter is more or less used to prove their concept to retailers/investors/etc. Kickstarter could stop stuff like this if they really wanted to keep the site focused on indie projects, but I'm guessing the monetary incentive to host these massive projects is a pretty good reason for them not to do that.

Maybe we'll see a rise of more early stage crowd funding platforms in the future. Perhaps Kickstarter will become the place to take your project when you are seeking a "series A" crowd funding injection to go from prototype to manufacturing, but you get your "seed round" from some other place to go from idea to prototype.

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