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This is exactly what is wrong.

A poem, or a program or mathematical prove could be written down only after it has been emerged, formed to some extent, in one's mind.

When people sat town to write something but having no idea that was thought over for a long time (consciously and as background processes) with hope that an IDE will help them quickly put together a program, or a poem, they will end up with a mediocre piece of a crap.

It is true for almost every kind of writing, including letters or blog-posts. Matlab alone cannot help you prove anything.

Being a poet (or programmer) is a habit of the mind. A rhythm is not a problem, the meaning is.

It doesn't promise to make a poet out of you, it's just a toy. You know, for fun.

People don't start anything correctly; babies don't start life running marathons or breezing through piano suites, we learn through play and toys are the tools of play. This is a toy for poetry, remarkably beautiful in its simplicity and the way in which it invites one to play.

but it seems you have never played before.

Personally, I find that pieces of writing come out in little shreds over time; I was hoping this would be something that would assist in the process of recording and putting them together, or maybe some sort of nonlinear text editor that lets you have multiple alternate phrasings for a line. But no, I guess I'll still have to write it myself.

I disagree with this, but am fascinated by the idea of what you're saying.

When I write (code) , I don't do so with an idea of what I'm going to say down to the word (module), but I do have a vague idea of what I want to say (do). This paragraph, for example; I knew I disagreed with you, but I had to write it out to explore why. If I'm trying to conform to some arbitrary rhyming scheme (syntax), I'm going to be faster in my writing if I can see what all of my options are.

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