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The dramatic music and delivery of these guys' lines would make you think they just cured cancer or revolutionized the world.

I don't think you get to be this over the top for an $85 tablet accessory.

I dont think its over the top at all. The creator does video and animation, and he is obviously good at it.

Hi, I just read your comment. Thank you for saying this...we have really put in a lot of hard work in the video. Since I was a professional in the field, many of my close friends are indeed professionals in the video/movie industry and I was absolutely blown away that they were willing to put in long hours and even provide the equipement without receiving any payment at all. I first thought we would do something simple, but since we're all a bit of perfectionists, we couldn't help ourselves but to push quite a bit further. Thanks again, , Uros (FOUNDER)

It was a little disconcerting to think you invested some huge budget into the pitch vdeo. Glad to hear otherwise.

Sorry for being a hater.

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