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Sorry to hear this, but in my experience, coworking spaces are able to manage their own marketing (web) and payment (square) systems, rendering the LC discovery/reservation/transaction model a tenuous one.

On top of that, I think there's just less demand for short-term, drop-in work space than LC seems to be predicated upon.

I'm sure LC learned a ton of valuable lessons and I hope they'll share.

I always imagined that LC was looking to cater to businesses that happen to have a few spare desks or offices, but don't want to open a side business having to manage a coworking space; much like AirBNB allows me to rent out my couch without having to put up a neon SuperMotel9 sign in my window.

I think this is true. However, the LC model was sharing - for free. So, I'm in the LC network, I can use any other space in the LC network. It's predicated on those folks being on the move quite a bit. Not sure how they could have monetized that.

I thought their primary model was charging businesses to handle the money handling aspect of renting desks out. Being able to cowork somewhere for free just because I'm also offering space seems like something that wouldn't be used very often. (Or am I misunderstanding?)

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