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andyjohnson0 523 days ago | link | parent

Hawking received his phd in 1966. Are you seriously saying that he can't can't claim ownership of the products of his intelect, 46 years later?

lysium 523 days ago | link

Maybe I wasn't clear, but I was referring to "reproduce, edit, translate, distribute, publish or host this document" (cf. my remark on the squid proxy). IMHO, prohibiting "distributing" or "hosting" this document is just ridiculous in a world where there is an internet and has nothing to do with "ownership of the products of his intellect".

Further, the "products of his intellect" are themselves a partially reproduced, edited, or translated versions of documents his has read previously, in all likelihoods. I thought, every scientist (in particular, Mr. Hawking) is aware of this and thus claiming "ownership" of this "product" seems unfair. Hence, I find it bad taste.

Of course, we can now start to argue what does "edit", "reproduce" or "document" mean.


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