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I hate to burst your bubble, but "Hacker News" as the title of this community shouldn't be taken literally anymore (this has been the case for a long time now). PG himself often talks about how startups no longer need to launch on other tech blogs, because HN is a force of its own (and in many cases provides much better conversion rates during launches, assuming your target audience reads this site).

This community is comprised of founders (who happen to play other roles than just "hacker"), designers, developers, marketers, bloggers, risk-takers, and generally anyone who likes the idea of creating something from nothing in the tech industry. This includes reading about and discussing industry news, trends, and cult-like followings (Apple).

Regardless of the fact that this community was created with a focus on hackers is now irrelevant, it's become the beast that it now is.

I come to HN because I want to hear from programmers like you, many who are involved with startups or other interesting projects. Things that worked for you, things that went wrong.

I agree with what you said though, this is what it is now.

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