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nice! it even provoked me to spend some time writing this something instead of going to bed (sorry for the rant, i'm a bad bad sleep-deprived poet:)

  i think duck typing is retarded.
  although sometimes it is regarded
  as an elegant solution
  to your code base evolution
  don't let simplicity of use
  and the surrounding hype confuse
  your inner paranoid coder
  who wants to keep the code in order.
  don't let your laziness corrupt
  your bits and bytes and interrupt
  execution of your program.
  type annotations do no harm,
  but add perfection to the scene.
  without'em source code looks obscene.
  so don't be shy to add some strictness,
  let the compiler check the fitness
  of your fondly written code.
  and to conclude this episode
  i'd like to say it to the masses:
  let compilers save your asses!

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