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Hmm nginx cannot natively do piped logging?

I like the idea of combined javascript and stylesheets but I'd rather force the combining from the server-side, not a special client-side request. ie.

   location /style.css {
      root /css;
      combine style1.css+style2.css+style3.css;

Ohhh... agentzh wrote the fork? The one who made many popular modules?

>> nginx cannot natively do piped logging?

"No, nginx will not support logging to a pipe since this is simlpy waste of CPU."

- Igor Sysoev (http://markmail.org/message/4bsjfjpg2kgsjhph)

Interesting, so to rotate nginx logs do you have to restart nginx?

I always though piped logging was required to rotate logs without restart.

I love the graceful restart and even the replace the executable on the fly nginx has.

You can send a USR1 signal to nginx. http://wiki.nginx.org/LogRotation

No really, agentzh and chaoslawful developed the nginx_lua module. It's included in Tengine.

Tengine is maintained by many other developers (in Chinese): https://github.com/taobao/tengine/wiki/%E7%A4%BE%E5%8C%BA%E5...

Looks like concat is available as it's own module:


and another attempt by someone else here:


But both of them rely on or accept client-side concat, I'd rather just do it server-side only for security/control.

Tengine is a result of teamwork. And agentzh is one of the core developers of Tengine.

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