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  Let me start of by saying thank you!
  Your feedback is great at any rate
  The near matches are there to guide you through
  Tough words you may face that leave you stuck at the gate

  But alas near matches help give you a clue
  To help keep your poem straight
  This tool is still yet a hack and much too new
  Have a bit of hope and we will help you create
  Great poetry for all to view

  I don't believe we are doomed in fate
  The poem you created was amazing and true
  I see it as a victory that you found time to try and operate
  So please let us try to make your experience less blue
  By letting us know what we can improve to ease your current state

    I do think it's nice
    I poke and I jest
    This mu'fuckin thingy
    It's really the best

    Despite the bad rhymes
    Showing up on the right
    I think this here app
    Is tighter than tight

    Do you not see wrong words?
    Showing up over there?
    Right now it says "bright"
    Which we both know ain't right
    My poem til here
    Was like ABCB?
    A failure perhaps
    To detect that rhyme scheme?

    I'm not a poet 
    I think you can tell
    I'm just like a kid
    Just ringing a bell

    So what do I know?
    Maybe it's right.
    I'll stop here for now
    And bid you goodnight.
Edit: Ooohhhh, I'm supposed to enter the Rhyme Scheme manually. I assumed it was supposed to be automatically inferred from the poem. It wasn't obvious to me that the rhyme scheme is an input field.

I'm not sure you're not a poet. This one and your earlier one have a certain something that is definitely more than what is being added by the tool (compare them with the response by demodesigns, yours are simply better poetry).

I particularly like

    Right now it says "bright"
    Which we both know ain't right"
Because of course as soon as you used it it became right.

By the way, the numbers on the left are the syllable count. Pretty useful if you're doing a limerick or haiku.

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