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I noticed some metric irregularities when Tranquility was supplied with the masterwork entitled, "The Fortitudes of Ancient Testiclies" (an obscure Greco-Roman poet), written by the equally obscure Roman poet Platitudinus.

  10 For strength I turn to ancient Testiclies!
  10 Few cantos of his Gonadology 
   7 survive: he influenced Hippocrates!
  10 Dualities, another work, contrasts
  10 constipation with gastroenteritis.
   9 What would the Poet Testiclies have said?

  10 Science must be pursued for its own sake
   9 And never to impress potential mates!
But it is a great project.

Hmm; the one line that doesn't have 10 syllables (constipation..) shows as having 10, and it likely doesn't have a way to show the ones where the stresses don't line up right.

Though to be fair, this is a tricky problem, especially if people throw in invented words and names. This is one of those things that's probably far easier to solve in your head after a bit of practice than programmatically!

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