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that's the point , you cant keep up with the latest flash version = fail . You cant get good performances = fail , you cant run it on old browsers that dont have flash = fail . Nobody needs that. This has already been done , all the projects have failed. If i had skills i would not waste my time trying to fit a triangle in a star , i would develop tools to make perfect fitting stars. That's what people want.

There's no need to keep up with the latest flash version. If you can render 90% of the legacy content out there (ads, animations, simple games) it's already good enough. You can always fall back on the real Flash player if you need to play a fancy game.

let me run the top 5 facebook games ( made in flash ) and we'll see about the 90% content people can actually use with that!!! I say that's a stupid project, already been done but nobody's using it, or even care, because it doesnt work !

Interestingly this has been my opinion of all the projects that attempt to create a bridge between native mobile APIS and javascript like phonegap and trigger.io. Don't get me know, they've been noble useful effects, but a lot of that effort should have going into projects like WebKit and Firefox to bring those native APIs to the browsers themselves.


"Don't get me wrong, they've been noble useful efforts" not "Don't get me know, they've been noble useful effects"

Stupid autocorrect. TBH I prefer typos than autocorrect. At least with typos it looks like a typo instead of making you look like an idiot.

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