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The article is complete baloney. I worked for 3 years as a mechanical engineer for Boeing, so I know about the field. Heck, he's spectacularly wrong, especially about one point - engineers do love what they're doing. Yes, I fiddled about designing and building mechanical things as a kid (gas gokart, hot rods, electronics projects, chemistry things, etc.) and I'm hardly alone among engineers I went to college with. The main thing limiting me was lack of money and lack of fabrication skills. The first time I had access to a machine shop I tried to build a steam engine. I would have designed and built my own airplane if I had more than a few dollars to my name.

The real difference between an engineer and a technician (or programmer) is the engineer knows calculus. They'll often be doing the same work, but the engineer knows calculus and uses it, the technician applies rules of thumb.

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