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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write. Here you go. Hmmm, first time, adult content?

Pimp done forgot

that he was once able to rhyme a lot

He had the time to slip and slide

and if he was lucky, he got to go for a ride.

These days ain't nuttin' but foolin'

Dealin' in tricks and he hopes it's just retoolin'

Fixing himself up with money,

So one day he can taste that sweet sweet honey.

The truth is that he forgot that the street don't

Ain't no convincing the street you'll come out on top, you just won't

Better to play the slots boy

and pray that you don't get a visit from that ol' Rob Roy

Better cut your losses quick

If you see something brown and sticky, likely to be a stick

Be smart boy and get back to rhymin'

Ain't no facin' death if you xxxx up the timin'.

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