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Seeking Office & Community Manager for 10 person VC funded startup
on Nov 13, 2012 | hide
Circle (www.discoverCircle.com) is looking for somebody who is an expert life-hacker to keep everything running smoothly at all times. You are in charge of keeping the team happy and the community happy. You can get any task done in an effective and fast manner from making a furiously unhappy user happy to figuring out how to get a meeting with an unreachable reporter.

You should be extremely street smart, be able to hack your way at life to get anything done, think quickly, speak quickly, and be insanely productive. The position is extremely important as it is one of the first 10 team members of the company. We try to fill each position (engineers, designers, marketers..) with people who have the potential to be the best in the world and this position is no different. We are located in Palo Alto and are looking for somebody to start immediately. No task should be too small from taking out the trash to paying bills to creating a VIP Circle program.

The Role includes: Daily: Responding to Users in App Responding to Users over email, ok pretending to be me when necessary Being the face and evangelist of Circle community Daily summary reports of stats and user feedback presented to the team (like the Presidential summary). Setting up my meetings and appointments on calendar Office Clean, House Clean Team is fed, happy Keeping team calendar updated and on schedule - mention at checkin upcoming events

Weekly: Setting up Unique team happiness activity Run happy hour with users Ideas on increasing efficiency Tech talks organizing to share knowledge

As needed: Pay All Bills, Solve any probs with insurance, lawyers, bank, accounting, following up with details from meetings, book travel appointments, Accountant interfacing, Contracts, offer letters, Sending and picking up mail

While doing regular tasks, you will also have a large-scale project that you are working on like coming up with a Ambassador program or something similar.

Youll get experience with a fast-growing social-mobile startup from it's early days and you can be involved with any and all aspects of the product. You'll learn and do a variety of new things daily and no day will be the same as the last. Email evan.reas@gmail.com with a link of yourself if you are interested.

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