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1.) Yeah, there're still some bugs that we need to work out. We also need to come up with a more scalable solution of finding rhymes if we go commercial.

2.) Yeah, you're right. We just wanted something that would look good on the projector during our demo. This needs to be tweaked.

3.) You're right for the most part. We didn't really know how we'd be implementing it at the beginning. We thought we'd need to do a lot of heavy server-side processing (which turned out to be a false assumption). We do want to add the ability for users to exist and have poems saved under their account that they can share and stuff though.

4.) Thanks! We decided early on that it'd be better to do a few things well than try to implement a lot of half finished features.

Not sure if this would be helpful, but I built http://nickcammarata.com/haiku/ a while ago, which has some code for calculating syllables. http://nickcammarata.com/haiku/haiku.coffee (or .js)

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