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>>>Unfortunately this kind of organization, while good at empowering individuals, is bad at quick tactical responses such as when facing a well organized adversary like the local politicians and police.

That might be so -- as the many evictions have illustrated -- but on the other hand, people who only encountered them in the isolation of their own opinion or through portrayals in the MSM are now seeing for themselves what Occupy actually meant and means.

I watched The Men Who Built America on History Channel. Carnegie, Morgan, and Rockefeller bought themselves a President, McKinley, to thwart candidate reformer Bryan. Then reformer Teddy Roosevelt came along and they made him VP in McKinley's second term, thinking they'd buried him in a powerless job. McKinley got assassinated and Roosevelt rose to top man and got his reforms done anyway.

See, the Powers can crush Occupy as a place but the idea can't be killed and like Roosevelt rising again, so is Occupy and in a way -- firsthand experience by outsiders -- they can't now crush.

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