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Ask HN: YC applicants, who's up for a morale-boosting meetup/hangout?
10 points by viviantan on Nov 13, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 26 comments
Any applicants (past, present, future) interested in having an informal meetup this weekend? Whether we hear good news or bad news on the 15th, getting together would be a great morale boost and it'll be fun to meet everyone! I happen to be in Silicon Valley, but I'll be there in spirit for fellow applicants everywhere else :)

Please reply if you're up for hanging out with the fine folks who share your excitement and pain. This invitation is extended to the YC partners of course!

We'll most likely meetup at a brewery near the "motherships" (Palo Alto and Mountain View). Other ideas and suggestions are welcome. Contact info's in the profile if you need it. 

Good luck to everyone!

Great idea! Anyone in San Francisco or Berkeley want to meetup? I propose meeting up at Coffeebar in San Francisco at 3pm on Saturday, 11/15. If you can make it, please shoot me an email (see profile).

11/15 is Thursday :p

Bay Area folks! Let's meet at Tied House in Mountain View this Saturday at 6:00. Family members and underaged people welcome; the grownups can migrate to Nola in Palo Alto afterwards.

I've re-posted about the meetup here: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4787228

Anyone's game for something like this in the NYC area? Contact info in profile.


Would be glad to join - I live in Menlo Park, office in Palo Alto. Coupa or Nola are good places to meet. I also like smoking shisha - there's one place in PA, and a good place in Sunnyvale. Igor

Fly out to the cayman islands and I'll show you a bit of island life

Lol thanks for the offer! If I get into YC I'll open a bank account there :)

Hi, Excellent initiative. I'm in if it's on Sunday, 11/18 afternoon. PA / MV area is perfect. I'd recommend Nola or Patio, both Palo Alto downtown.

Looking forward to meeting you Karolina

Can someone be there in spirit for me? I'm from the Tampa Bay, Florida area.

Sending you moral support, even though your state can't count votes. Best of luck with everything!

Sure, I'm game. Tied House?

You read my mind! Does Friday or Saturday work better for folks who are reading this?

Personally, Saturday; looks like there aren't too many others reading this now :-(

I've gotten a few emails from people who wanna meet and hangout, and I'll repost this tomorrow night when all the YC prospects are stalking HN :)

I'm driving from SD on Saturday (coincidence, not because of the meetup) and I'm planning on heading to the gathering on Sat.

If anyone is in Adelaide (Australia) email me and we'll meetup!

Is not so easy to get to this meeting from other countries.

Sadly, no. But you can start your own! And we'll be there in spirit :)

I guess we're all on the edge of our seats.

...Anyone else in South Florida?

Surprised anyone's from FL at all. XD

I'm currently North Florida, but I didn't apply to this class.

I am in London if anyone wants to grab a beer

Anyone in San Antonio, TX?

I'd be down for this.

love this! I'm in Tahoe, but enjoy guys and gals.

Cool! Will try.

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