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This was also the exact time of all the Google Panda tweaks and the fallout from Google starting to penalize creative commons scrapers of Stack Overflow content. There were a lot of balls in the air and only a few of them were ours, so we wanted to be careful.

When Google is 90% of your traffic, you REALLY REALLY REALLY do not want to get on their bad side, even accidentally, so I can hope you understand why we wanted to be cautious to the extreme here. If Google decides you're not doing things right, it is literally a business ending move.

Unless your VCs and investors are cool with you losing, y'know, ninety percent of your traffic.

Somebody please remind the community about this post the next time someone says "You only have to care about Google algorithms if you're a fly-by-night spam site."

Of course, if/when there is a SO-penalizing bug in Stack Overflow or Google code, no-one will be able to fix it since they can't Google for Stack Overflow answers! ;)

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