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How to provide value
3 points by mcface3000 1656 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite
Where do you find your products? Where do you find your internet services?

Do you Google them? You probably do. But what about those things you haven't heard of, yet? How many of us really knew we wanted Facebook/Myspace/Friends before we had heard of it?

And where did we hear about it from? Our friends.

And how often do friends tell you about a website, or service, and you forget about it 5 seconds later? Maybe they Facebook it to you. Maybe they forget to Facebook it to you. Maybe you don't check. Maybe you're not in the mood to look at it and it ends up lost in a Facebook message desert (never to be looked at again). Or maybe they send it in an e-mail. And the same thing happens. Only, this time it's an E-mail message desert.

What if there were a place where they could simply look up your name and see the things you have posted in one easy, cleanly sorted place?

Nobody trusts anybody more than they trust their friends when it comes to website/service recommendations.

I'm sure you can all think of ways this could benefit start-ups. I'm sure you can all think of some way this could transform your business.

Feel free to contact me about being among the first beta testers.

Good luck to all YC entrants!

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