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> With the internet it would be easier than ever for OWS to get their message out, but they're not.

Where did you get that idea?


Which idea? That it's easier than ever to get a message out? Or that OWS is failing to do so?

The person I replied to said, "You've been misinformed, on all fronts..." and then made a bunch of claims that OWS is doing stuff, but didn't provide any references to back it up. Supposedly, "OWS changed the political landscape in pretty dramatic ways, and continues to do so (and to deny that is to deny reality)." I'll stop denying it when I see evidence of it.

The Google News results I linked to contain plenty of examples of Occupy getting its message out and doing things. This thread is based on a story about Occupy doing a thing and getting its message out.

What more do you need?

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