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It's a shame he had to go crackpot. The original reason behind his move to Belize -- or at least the publically stated reason -- was to research a new class of antibiotics, known as quorum-sensing inhibitors (QSIs).

Long story short, these drugs would inhibit bacterial growth without creating resistances. If they pan out, they're a revolution in antimicrobial medicine.

That is simply not a true statement.

He met Allison Adonizio (who introduced him to QSI) long after he moved to Belize. They managed to synthesize a compound that was already patented by a big pharm company, but produced no original research.

It is not hard to figure out John moved to Belize because of the lax drug enforcement and age of consent laws.

> It is not hard to figure out John moved to Belize because of the lax drug enforcement and age of consent laws.

Lax drug enforcement, sure, but age of consent? It's 16. There are dozens of countries where it's significantly lower -- many 12 or 13. Don't see why that'd be much of a motivator, even if that's your thing; most US states are 16 too, IIRC.

Heck, if he really was a filthy perv he could've gone to Spain, where age of consent is 13.

or he could join the catholic church where they dont worry about that sort of thing

> most US states are 16 too, IIRC.

Right, but it's 18 in California, where most TV shows and movies come from, so the unexamined idea in everyone's head is that it's 18 everywhere in the country.

TV Tropes (you knew this was coming) mentions this as an example of SoCalization. The infiltration of Californian idiom and assumptions into the global mass media is truly insidious. But hey, isn't Silicon Valley in California as well?


It's been reported that he moved to Belize in an attempt to shield his assets from lawsuits stemming from a death that occurred at a paragliding company he owned.

Well, I certainly stand corrected.

Like I said, that's the "publically stated" reason. Evidently it's just that -- bullshit smoke he's been blowing to cover up his foul play.

The original link says he moved to Belize because he had a legal judgement against him in the US, and wanted to protect his assets.

Not sure if that's true, but it might not be as altruistic as "antibiotic research".

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