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Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't have any experience with a Raspberry Pi, but wouldn't the end result from this be able to be embedded in a much smaller form factor than a Raspberry Pi?

This looks like mainly a test board. Would one be able to take the end result of this and program a production PIC board with it?

Seems like that might be useful for smaller form factors than what a Raspberry Pi is capable of.

If you want to write production embedded code, you have two choices: C and assembly. That's the result of my extensive research, anyway: gcj doesn't work, the AVR forth implementation uses too much flash and can brick your chip at runtime (for other reasons), etc.

You can also program 8+bit PICs in JAL, a Pascal-like language.

No. This thing doesn't do anything of use without a host PC connected over USB to control it.

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