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I'm going to assume you actually mean robots.txt instead of nofollow, since that's the only accepted way to automatically state "do not index this site" (or portions of it). The big difference here is that the site in question controls the content of robots.txt, while it's the owners of the sites with inbound links that control the presence of rel=nofollow.

As such, I don't think nofollow could have any possible legal consequences. It's intent is to indicate that you haven't vetted the links in question and as such are specifying a lack of trust in their content (i.e., user-submitted links); though like the article says, many people attempt to micromanage SEO through them which dilutes their usefulness (I've been told we have some links that do the same thing; no doubt someone thinking they were smarter than Google... so now we have to track them down and undo these pointless additions)

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