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In that statement, L. Von Mises is presuming some things that are not true of BitCoin. In particular, the BitCoin creator has essentially made it impossible for anybody to change the number of BitCoins in circulation. Thus while it may be true that no governmental entity or currency controller will choose to inflate the currency through some activity, it is not true that the currency will therefore not vary in value over time when compared to some other things, and it isn't unfair to say that if I need more BitCoins to buy something now than I did last year, the currency has inflated, and vice versa. It may not be precisely the same as fiat currency inflation in every detail, but it's broadly the same, but it won't be the result of changing policy. (Arguably one could call it the result of an unchanging policy set at the beginning.)

In the sense that the quantity is not controlled by a government, BitCoin can be compared to gold. And the value of gold is highly unstable.

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