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These are just the general characteristics of any effective organization. I really don't see how Occupy Sandy is anything like a startup though. Steve Blank defines a startup as "a startup is an organization formed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model."

Copying the tactics of existing disaster response organizations (albeit with a grass roots spin) Is hardly anything like a startup.

I think it's fair that most effective organizations do the same things. One thing that stands out there is the lack of rigid hierarchy in decision making. If you want to start making PB&Js to help out you can, you don't need to register, get orientation etc.

I also think that Occupy Sandy is building a repeatable and scalable output - that is relief effort for a disaster. They iterate constantly on their ability to gather, parse, and disseminate donation goods and manpower.

I happened to be in New York a little over a year ago. Going down to check out Occupy Wall Street, I took a wrong turn and wandered into a high-level organizational meeting.

They struck me as very similar to a startup in culture. Smart people with mutual respect and a shared mission dealing adaptively with complicated issues. Rapid delegation, low on hierarchy, experimental, collaborative, supportive. I was impressed as hell. It was very different than the culture in an established hierarchical organization.

I agree that startups are up to something fundamentally different, but that doesn't mean that they don't have a ton in common.

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