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Are you saying people should google regular expressions? in my experience (correct me if I'm wrong) that doesn't work, I've never been able to get google to return relevant results even with quotation marks.

Agreed, Google fails at this, however alternative search engines,

http://searchco.de/?q=%5B+-~%5D+ext%3Apod&cs=on http://symbolhound.com/?q=%5B+-~%5D

Symbolhound gives the answer quite well, and searchco.de has some examples of its use in the results.

I'm saying that usually comments are either wrong or out of date, developers code one regex, comment it, then fix a bug later and don't, then there's a discrepancy between the comment and the code. It's nearly always easier to just google the code and see what it does, if (as in this case) it's not obvious.

Your response doesn't address what citricsquid said, googling for a regex will almost never return helpful results.

Google regex and you'll find plenty of resources including tools to testing patterns. You won't find much for any specific pattern but read the docs and it will be apparent what this regex does. Familiariy and competence with regex is a basic component of being a developer.

or make a function regexMatchingAllPrintableASCIIChars() and have it return the regex.

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