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Humans are running in a relay marathon of knowledge. Physics always seems to stagnate, then jump. The jumps come when a bunch of smart people can collocate and communicate. That's the recipe, and that's the only recipe. It's hard to share the energy in the room when you are not in the same room.

The cause of the jump though is not a bunch of people getting together, it's someone crazy enough to throw the first stone. It's someone crazy enough to question the structure science has created. It's someone daring enough to break it all apart, for the benefit of humanity, to let us rebuild and get closer to the correct path. One person starts a revolution. All the smart people look at all the pieces that broke and see how they can fit together in a new way.

I can't see this happening in 'new physics'. Yes, they are doing amazing things, things no one has ever been daring enough to do before. But quite frankly, they aren't diverse enough to solve their own problems they created. It's incredibly hard to solve the problems you made. There are no analogies to the problems physics is asking as of yet. To get analogies, you have to have people wander into your problem and say 'Hey! I was doing something like that for my Neuroscience research yesterday, maybe there's a connection!'. We aren't going to get that though, Physics has gone too far down the hole to relate to other fields. Unless they do what they always do, and just make new ones.

You must be watching different physics research than me. I see a huge variety of crazy-ass physics proposed all the time. Unfortunately it all keeps turning out to be wrong.

The problem with physics these days is that no "sharp" new data is turning up. Instead of turning up a new family of particles in an accelerator, we find big invisible blobs of dark matter. We are getting loads of fascinating unexplained data, but there are few bright line tests that can use it to rule in or out new theories.

Welcome to the "Brave New World".

Huxley was right: http://youtube.com/watch?v=1ygIqLJnBJI

It's not like we were never warned.

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