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I really do think this chromeOS project is a dud, at least for its original purpose of serving the non-techie lite-user. In my mind I'm always comparing it to Android & iOS based laptops that I expect to come sooner or later. It's less powerful

- Not The Simplest - The point of web as an OS was simplicity. No worries about "managing" your computer: installing programs and dealing with files. In reality doing everything through the web it involves workarounds. Bottom line is that iOS & Android have simplified using a computer more.

- Not as good at videos and music.

- Less Powerful - Web apps have goten powerful, but not as powerful as it looked like they would get circa 2009. You still can't do a lot of things with webapps. What if Mick-first-used-a-computer-in-2011 gets an ipod? He needs itunes. What if his daughter wants to skype him?

Bottom line is I don't see why people will want a laptop that does less than their phone.

To counter your examples, Google would like you to use Google Music and Google+ Hangouts, both of which work on the Chromebook. As long as you keep yourself confined to the Google ecosystem, the Chromebook is quite powerful.

I thought the same until a couple coworkers and I got chromeboxes and google io. I don't code or even download images from my camera on it but it lives plugged into a monitor in the living room and the statelessness, fast boot and auto updates make it the perfect "forget about it until i need it for netflix or surfing the web" pc.

The window manager is also beautiful and I am hoping the os and ecosystem develop into something I can use for real work.

Sure. There are all sorts of niche applications where it would be great. I bet as public computers in hotel lobbies or similar they'd be great too.

That wasn't the intended purpose though. These were supposed to be computers for all the people for whom windows is too much computer.

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