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Symmetry 526 days ago | link | parent

I've gotta say, you sound sort of like you think you have a point and that you think it might be controversial, but I have no idea what it might be.

scott_s 526 days ago | link

Search for any post about CERN, and you'll find his posts like the above.

From what I can tell, he's claiming that CERN discriminates against non-Western people. His evidence is a budget report, where they estimate how much something will cost based on the amount of people involved. The calculation adjusts for where the people are located, and the cost is higher if they're in a Western country.


DiabloD3 526 days ago | link

There are Japanese and Indians who work for CERN, so I think hes just trolling.


Create 526 days ago | link

Japan and India (China, Russia, Brazil) are not CERN member states.

But there are Eastern European, CERN member states. Some from there work for CERN, in Switzerland.

Do not think, that value as in monetary value just stays in a spreadsheet cell at HR. The evaluation has consequences in all other evaluations, peer evaluations etc. It does contribute to the evaluation of contributions etc.


flatline 526 days ago | link

Not the first time I've seen HN mangle post relations - he (or she) probably either posted to the wrong thread or some bits went to the left when they should have gone to the right.


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