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I agree with the sentiment, but I've never used a laptop that had more than 2 hours advertised battery life (so, 1 hour in practice). My most recent purchase is a 2010 System76, so I'm quite out of touch, I know. I dream of having 3 hours+ of battery life on a laptop. That far, far more than I'm used to. Though, when tablets can do 10-20 hours, why is this stuck at 3? I agree, that does seem measly.

Have not tried a mac?

My old macbook have 3+ hours on it on battery... The new ones are more impressive:

http://www.apple.com/macbookair/features.html#battery http://www.apple.com/macbook-pro/features-retina/#battery

Installing flash block is often times the #1 way to improve your battery life.

I don't have Flash installed, so Flash block isn't going to do much. Thanks though! :)

Even in 2010, 1 hour is not acceptable, but a reasonable number to expect from a high-end, lightweight 2012 laptop would be around 7 hours (using Linux).

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